FvF - a multitask team

FvF is a magazine where the life of  many different creative and cultural creators is showed. FvFmag presents their life from a particular point of view trying to offer a personal view of each work and passions. The team manage also one of the most talented advertising and publishing agency working for Nokia, Design Hotels or Mercedes Benz.

I do find their work astonishing.

Here some of the moments where they interview talented artists and professional from all over the world and shoot them in their spaces or film them introducing their careers.

Patrice Bastian & Laetitia Schlumberger, Fashion Designer and Creative Director, Apartment, Office, 10ème Arr., Paris

Eric Wahlforss, Musician and Entrepreneur, Apartment & Office, Mitte, Berlin

Ándele! This is SAVVY

SAVVY studio is a Monterrey based agency decided to offer a more than excellent image of the mexican art direction, interior design, packaging and of course everything under a clear branding strategy. Their works always have a mixture of good typography and lovely cozy images.

OWL-The nicely handcrafted eyewear

Seeking in the sea of the internet I found that amazing brand of glasses called OWL. It is absolutely an online buying experience. You can introduce your prescription in order to receive your perfectly adapted pair of glasses. David, Lars and Phil are three friends from Berlin and Hamburg that decide to create this entrepreneurial project. 5 types of frames y 5 different finishings are their range of products. But I'm keen of having one of these possible combinations.
The lookbook is really nice and the art direction is a naked and lightly presentation of the models. I deeply recommend a visit to this site.  

Photographic hypstomania

The last invention for geek photographers is the new VSCO Cam. A smart and classy app for iPhone created by VisualSupply. A multieffect app that allows any user to create really high-end finishing for any scenes. Let's try it on!

Pensando en Blanco meets Teixidors

I think that good things arrives to you for a chance. But a good friend and photographer suggest me to watch a video of a catalonian company of wool goods called Teixidors. They made an emotional film about the trace of 200kg of wool. Of course I deeply recommend it. The thing is that It was made by a spanish team from the basque country called Pensando en Blanco. When I discovered their work I was absolutely in love with them. They always try to put a part of them soul in every project they participate.
I choose some images from them that represents their work as architects, product design, graphic design and filmmaking.

Tracing 200kg of merino wool

Accelerate the kitchen !

Kitchenette is the first accelerator project for food entrepreneurs. They help the most promising ones to start their own business. The proccess of kitchenette's system had four steps: Learn Fast, by offering the best food industry experts, Start selling: promoting them in fairs and events, Save on costs:  getting acces to the better option suppliers and Find bakers that invest in the projects. This London based project is curated by Cynthia Shanmugalingam,  the Chief Executive and co-founder of Kitchenette. She's a passionated food lover and she has been working in the for the last four years. But the Kitchenette team is composed by different mentors that inspire the job in different areas, a master chef, a branding speciallist, food market experts and many other profiles. 

Contemporary Behaviours

Samuel Hodge has a particular view of the contemporary. His shoots has always a great naughty component that transcends the subject he's representing. This photographer has published his images in most of my fetish magazines like Butt, this kind of contracultural view make his job really interesting.

Personal graphic touch

Both sides of the atlantic ocean offer passionate views of the graphic scene. Cargo collective provides an amazing tool for creators that allow them to show their projects and create an inspiring window for the creation lovers. I would like to mention two examples of interesting works that I found on CC platform. In France Catalogue Studio offers a very clear vision of the profession, with coloured proposals and a carefull respect for typography. In the other shore NYC based Larry Mayorga create a respectful option of edition design in his works for different artists.

Some Larry Mayorga's works

Some Catalogue Studio works

Peter Hapack, The eye of the hurricane

If you have a look at the 2012 best portraits proposed by Time Magazine most of them will be signed by this man. Peter Hapack makes his shoots with a very singular passion that turs each one of them a especial artist piece.

The greek stuff

Stage Design Office is a multi-discipline studio based in Athens, Greece. They work in a huge range of areas in the communication such architecture, interiors, advertising,
graphic design, fashion, public installations, exhibitions, art & photography.. And their list of clients is really interesting, from resorts spaces to cosmetics brands, they offer solutions with a master result.

shoot the cozy!!

I find the Job of Simon Bajada while I was preparing a campaign for a spanish company of meat. I get impressed with the solutions and the stylish compositions he propose with a raw light and a cozy ambience. When I make my research on his job I could appreciate the quality of his interiors and travel pics.

The freshness comes: Visual Supply

Visual Supply is a Blogazine that inspires artist and creative professionals. VS offers a fresh view of the last trends and names in photography, art, stylism, ... This is already one of my fetich sites on the net with interviews to the brand new figures..

Visual Supply es una publicación on line que inspira a los artistas y profesionales  creativos y ofrece una visión fresca de las últimas tendencias y nombres en fotografía, arte, estilismo, ... Este es ya uno de mis lugares fetiche en la red con entrevistas a las nuevas figuras...

Are u really in?

The last invention in the social world is a kind of voyeur researching. The Coveteur is the new fashion facebook acclaimed by the most influents fashion editors and bloggers. Have a look into the closets of celebrities and trend setters and discover what's coming, and of course you can buy the stuff you find inside. This team composed for a publicist, a stylist, a fashion marketing expert and a photographer connect a huge range of fashion addicts across the world.

El último invento en el universo social es un tipo de investigación voyeur. The Coveteur es el facebook de la moda aclamado por los más influyentes editores y bloggers de moda. Pega un vistazo en los armarios de las celebridades y los trend setters y por supuesto puedes comprarlo. Este equipo compuesto por una publicista, una estilista una experta en marketing de moda y un fotógrafo conectan un enorme rango de adictos a la moda en todo el mundo.

Your experience in one minute

One minute wonder is a project that merge the experience of different kind of professionals: Artists, entrepreneurs, designers, and rain-makers. In one minute they tell personal stories and share them. It reflects how technology can do it possible. How different people living in different places can reach other lives.

One minute wonder es un proyecto que reune a profesionales de diferentes áreas profesionales, artisas, emprendedores, diseñadores o asesores de inversión. En un minuto cuentan su experiencia personal y la comparten. OMW es el reflejo de como personas que viven en otros lugares pueden enriquecer la vida de otras gracias a la tecnología.

One Minute Wonder 26 from Present Plus on Vimeo.

Blom & Blom | Refurbished with Style

Blom & Blom are two brothers that create unique and exclusive  pieces. As they said "Items with a rich, and almost epic history. Items that deserve a new life."
Esta pareja de hermanos han creado un proyecto común mediante el cual transforman objetos usados en nuevas piezas con un uso completamente diferente.

Start! a breath for the creative talents

If you have a creative project, they promote it. is a platform ready to launch your creative proposals. This project allows different talented artists, photographers, designers, etc ... private funds available to develop their projects. It's easy, do your proposal indicating the budget or needs you can specify to be born and users called 'bakers' contribute a token amount or significant money and help you get started. As patron of the project and offer a figure you leave a credit card number only at the time the project has raised the necessary funds will be taken from your account. Many of the projects since 2009 have been launched.

Si tienes un proyecto creativo, ellos lo promueven. es una plataforma lista para el lanzamiento de tus propuestas creativas. Este proyecto permite a diferentes artistas con talento, fotógrafos, diseñadores, etc... disponer de fondos privados para desarrollar sus proyectos. Es fácil,  haces tu propuesta indicando el presupuesto o necesidades que puedas precisar para que pueda nacer y los usuarios llamados 'bakers' contribuyen con una cantidad simbólica o significativa de dinero y ayudan a comenzar. Como mecenas del proyecto ofreces una cifra y dejas un número de tarjeta de crédito que sólo en el momento en que el proyecto haya recaudado los fondos necesarios será tomado de tu cuenta. Muchos de los proyectos desde el año 2009 se han puesto en marcha.

have a look..!

The pics of Damian Russell

Interiors that reflects a life style, another advertising view and a very special  sensibility defines the work of this photographer. This Londoner by adoption, starts working in television production and now his work is present in a huge range of publications. For more info:

Interiores que reflejan un estilo de vida, otra visión de la publicidad y una muy especial sensibilidad definen la obra de este fotógrafo. Este londinense de adopción, comienza a trabajar en la producción de televisión y ahora su obra está presente en una amplia gama de publicaciones.

Santiago & Mauricio

Esta pareja de fotógrafos afincados en NYC me han sorprendido con sus producciones de moda. Su agencia Cadence NYC tiene en cartera a profesionales del motion graphic que convierten a Karl Lagerfeld o Victor and Rolf en protagonistas de piezas de alto impacto.

This couple of photographers based in NYC have surprised me with their fashion productions. Cadence NYC their agency has a portfolio of motion graphic professionals that make Karl Lagerfeld and Victor and Rolf protagonists of high impact pieces.

MUJJO. Objects for gadgets

This dutch brand offers objects for passionated people with gadgets. The create real charming pieces to contain your iPhone, iPad and of course now this new Galaxy Samsung devices. Built in quality felt and leather bring to you a cool option for your device transportation.

Satoshi, impeccable sense of humour

This japanese talent is one of my most venerated illustrators. He recover the spirit of an era with this great touch of good manners. Publishing for the most important publications all over the world, this Yokohama based artist improve his style in every new work. His portfolio is an amazing lesson of style.

Designing interfaces

The visual production is each time most specifically focused in new media. Something on this trend is true: the graphical concept of the interfaces is going to be the future task of the graphic designers, art directors and all the professionals related with the image creation. Even publications will change to adapt this structures to this new gadgets as the tablets, iPads or other devices.
I would like to mention a group of professionals that I discover recently. is a studio dedicated to the production and development of this interfaces. They collaborate with brand new professionals in this areas as Diego Blanco is one of the representants of this new kind of professional profiles, an art director specialized in new media. Or Raquel Machín that creates intefaces for different publications and apps. Have a look to their work where the funtions and botons replace the conventional covers of the books, and page structure, kind of paper or technique of printing.

Have a look to this brand new styles. 

on connait les diferences

this is the work of the recently based in NYC french, art director, illustrator and designer Vahram Muratyan. Discover his personal project on the website.